Contact PYFA


Have a general question for PYFA members? Want to share some info on local events? Please use the PYFA email address to keep other faculty in the loop: ude.eudrup|afyp#ude.eudrup|afyp.

Have a suggestion for a future PYFA event? Want to ask a specific question about PYFA? Please contact one or both of the co-chairs directly.

  • Rachael Kenney: ude.eudrup.htam|yennekhr#ude.eudrup.htam|yennekhr
  • Chip Killian:||naillikc

Campus Contact

PYFA does not have a dedicated office space, just dedicated co-chairs. If you have ideas or suggestions that require the use of campus mail, feel free to send them to one or both of the co-chairs.

  • Rachael Kenney, Math Building, Mathematics and Curriculum and Instruction
  • Chip Killian, Lawson Computer Science Building, Computer Science
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